Gardener Rooting Powder (50 gm)


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Used to encourage roots to grow, rooting powder is essential for any gardener looking to propagate plants from cuttings. Also helps for root growth in seedlings and plants!


Garderner Rooting Powder

Weight: 50grams

Used to encourage roots to grow, rooting powder is essential for any gardener looking to propagate plants from cuttings. Also helps for root growth in seedlings and plants!

Gardener Rooting Posder contains IBA and NAA plant hormones for inducing rooting of cutting, hasten growth of new roots on transplanted plants and seedlings. Applicable on plant stumps to aid earlier root initiation and growth.

Directions for use:

  • Moisten end of custting,
  • Dip in Gardener Rooting Powder
  • Shake off excess
  • Plant as usual
  • Keep out of reach of children.


  • If swallowed, seek medical advise!

10486 reviews for Gardener Rooting Powder (50 gm)

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