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Corona Florist and Nursery is back to normal operations! (With some safety measures in place, in light of the Covid situation.)

We are still offering a few select items for delivery for your convenience, which you can find by clicking/tapping on the following categories below. Delivery above $150 will be made Free of charge!

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us via Phone/Whatsapp at +65 6466 2827, or at our email at info@coronasg.com

Planting Media

Need a bag of burnt soil for your bougainvillea? Have a look at our available soils here.


Choose from our selection of ferizliers, and other soil additives, over here.

Planters, Pots, and Stands

Look for the perfect pots and planter boxes for your plants! (Just the plastic ones for now, but stay tuned!)

Pesticides & Garden Care products

Have an outbreak of mealy bugs? We have got the solution.

Garden Tools & Accessories

Get some tools to make your gardening life easier

Pebbles, Bricks & Landscaping Options

Have an unsightly patch of soil to cover up? Need some bricks to prop up a big pot? Give our landscaping accessories list a lookover!


Right To Your Doorstep
We can deliver to you, anywhere in Singapore, within the week! Let us know your address and your desired delivery date and we shall do our best to accommodate you!
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Craft Your Dream Garden
Our CUGE certified team is more than ready to assist you with bringing your garden to life.
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